Larissa Ramey is a multi-disciplinary maker,...
Larissa Ramey is a multi-disciplinary maker, entrepreneur, and arts organizer. She is from Leesburg, Virginia and attended the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design for undergraduate studies. Her practice investigates the relationships, care, and legacy of a social artistic practice. Collaboration, educational tools, and resources to decolonize and intentionally invest in spaces to promote diversity, representation, and discourse. Larissa’s works are rooted in communication (linguistics), identity, legacy, and the archive by utilizing lens-based media, textiles, publications, and installations, and workshops.

Larissa is making work that challenge her to explore the relationships, environments, and roles of her identity as a biracial woman and artist. The act of documenting and interpreting levels of her identity through portraiture has given her the ability to cultivate visual media through lived experiences and expand upon her own self-worth while acknowledging her heritage, ancestry, and active participation in the present. Portraiture is a way for Ramey to capture the intimate and subtle ways in which she has carved out her place of identity and perspective of what being Black means to her as an individual.

Larissa’s work has been shown at venues such as Street Road Artist Space, City Hall, and the North Museum in Lancaster, PA, The Mast Gallery, Burren College of Art in Ireland, and the Pingyao International Photography Festival in Pingyao, China. She has exhibited in numerous online publications, including Map to the Darkside Zine and Soft Lightning Volume 1. Larissa is also a dedicated curator who has hosted four exhibitions for the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design Photography Department and Christiane David Gallery. 

Currently, Ramey is pursuing her MFA in Photography at the University of Arkansas, School of Art

Larissa Ramey

Larissa Ramey is a multimedia artist who primarily works with photography. Her works display themes about race, identity, body image, and the environment.
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